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LiveSmart Tecnologies SpA

Self-Sustainable Solutions
for perimeter security - CCTV.

LiveSmart Tecnologies SpA, designs, manufactures, and installs Self-Sustaining CCTV Security Systems: Solar and/or Wind Posts with cameras and deterrent devices (sirens/beacons/etc.) and wireless transmission. We are suppliers to Spanish and Chilean companies (Mandates and EPCs of Solar Plants and Critical Infrastructures) who hire us to generate significant savings and energy efficiency in engineering projects for the security of their installations since we avoid all types of wiring, trenches, ducts, and civil works.

What makes us special?

We design proposals aimed at security, taking advantage of natural resources, transforming solar and wind energy into electricity to power various surveillance cameras, deterrent elements, and more devices.

With advanced technologies, we are pioneers in offering self-sustainable CCTV Security Solutions for perimeter protection both inside and outside of Chile. We take pride in our Chilean engineering with export-quality standards, generating significant savings and the possibility of installation in remote locations.

As professionals, we are continuously developing through studies and certifications while working with the best suppliers. The LiveSmart team is equipped to carry out the entire process of implementing, installing, configuring, maintaining, and developing security projects with the latest market trends.

We also provide our support, upgrades, installations, maintenance, and warranties in Chile, ensuring the necessary backup for both national and international companies. With LiveSmart, you can trust that you are in good hands.

What do we want to be?

As a technology company, we have created a dynamic vision that leads us to new markets and consolidates us in existing ones: to ensure the safety of people and their assets.

Our reason for being.

Our company offers the most innovative security technologies for all types of installations: residential, commercial, industrial, educational, large infrastructures, and more.

Taking the above into account, we strive to build a safer world to ensure material and immaterial protection, which will determine our way of acting as a company, with the best professionals and suppliers.

What guides us?

In order to live our mission, pursue our vision, and achieve our demanding business objectives, we have determined five values that guide us in our daily work. These values have become the identity of LiveSmart and constitute the foundation of our corporate culture.


We earn trust through our attitude, skills, and personal recognition.


We achieve quality through precision, reliability, and excellence.


We are constantly studying, seeking innovation and sustainability, thanks to our future vision, our ability to create value, and our independence.


We assume our responsibility by acting prudently, coherently, and decisively.


We live integrity through our sincerity, transparency, and respect. Our values are not just an objective, they also represent an attitude.

In addition to pursuing success in business terms, we also aspire to always provide added social value to our customers.

Is your company looking for a CCTV security solution that meets your needs?

Let’s see together how we can develop a tailored solution to meet your company’s needs. Contact our team for advice.

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