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Hybrid Surveillance Post

Hybrid Surveillance Post

Self-sustaining surveillance solutions

At LiveSmart® we have combined sustainability and comprehensive security into one. We have a range of security and surveillance solutions focused 100% on solving your business’s day-to-day challenges. Autonomous, transportable, and sustainable equipment designed to become the ideal option for installations of large areas such as solar plants, industrial plants, and more.
Energy is transformed with solar panels and/or wind turbine that will operate the electronic equipment. The signal is transmitted wirelessly to a central alarm reception or monitoring for which no wiring is required. The Hybrid Post, among other things, consists of:
All self-sustaining products are tailor-made to meet our clients’ security needs.

Is your company looking for a CCTV security solution that meets your needs?

Let’s see together how we can develop a tailored solution to meet your company’s needs. Contact our team for advice.

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