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3.500 meters of perimeter fence

Santa Rosa & Villa Sol Solar Plant

The installation was carried out by Chilean personnel. The required and installed security system comprises Thermal Cameras with Video Analytics and Wireless Antennas on perimeter Solar Poles, which include:

  • Electric board with Switch and Solar Controller.
  • Bank of underground Gel Batteries.
  • Alarm center.
  • Access control.
  • NVR recorders in the Control Center, along with other strategic and confidential deterrent elements.

By installing self-sustaining solar posts on the perimeter fences, our client saved approximately 3,500 meters of Fiber Optic cable and power cable. This eliminated the need for trenching, pipelines, and civil works over long distances.

Solar Plant

Santa Rosa & Villa Sol

21 MW

in Quezaltepeque

3.500 meters

of perimeter fence

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